Business Value

Phil Hendry13/02/2020

An entrepreneur looking to scale up or sell…
An empire-builder who needs to plan succession…
How would they realise ‘business value’?

Maybe you feel your own work with the business has peaked…
Or that your business needs investment to drive it forward…
But if you were to step back and look at your business from a buyer’s perspective, have you done everything you can to ensure ‘business value’?

It’s only when preparing to exit that you start to realise your true worth.
And at some point, you may want to get some professional help.

Business Value

Taking a business to new investors is a key moment of your business life cycle.
All the planning and decision making will impact on the value realised, so don’t rush into it without taking the necessary steps to ensure it’s an attractive proposition for interested parties, even if it takes longer than you expected!

business value

We’ve worked to identify FIVE key areas factors that are critical in your business valuation.