Confident business owners


Picture yourself when you were younger. Were you confident?
Me? I was a walking ball of hormones during puberty.
Growth spurts.
Questionable haircuts.
Even more questionable fashion decisions.

I bought myself a pair of neon green jeans on a school trip to Milan. I learnt that what looks cool abroad does not mean it will translate back here in the UK!

One thing I can say I have never lacked as I have gotten older is confidence – to survive and thrive, you need to have belief in yourself.
Because not everyone else will.

The same principle goes for business owners. You’ll need a thick skin to survive out there, and a high level of confidence.
Because when you feel confident, the whole world will seem as though it belongs to you.
You surround yourself with other successful and confident people, and both opportunities and success come your way with ease.

(There is however a fine line between being confident and overconfident which we covered recently)

Here are SEVEN ways you can develop a mindset shared by other confident business owners…


Here’s 7 ways you can gain confidence


Your business purpose

Have you asked yourself why are you running a business?
It’s hard to be confident in business what you’re doing if you’re not sure why you’re doing it. What is your purpose in work and in life?
What made you decide to run a business? Has that changed dramatically since Day 1? Do you even still enjoy doing so?
If you can successfully answer ‘why’, you’ll be more confident because you’ll have a purpose. A reason for getting up in the mornings.

Avoid comparing yourself to others

So what if you notice other business owners have a better office space? Or a company car?
It’s unproductive.
In almost every case, when you compare yourself with someone else, it takes the form of negative self-talk about how you’re not good enough. Doing this weakens your self-confidence. The only person you need to compare yourself with is you. The version of yourself that you want to become. That’s it.

Focus on solutions, not problems

We’re taught early on that sometimes, life isn’t always easy or fair.
There will always be those who coast through life at ease. Some people will cheat to get their own way, and get away with it.
But focusing solely on the problems is self-defeating.
Instead, acknowledge that problems will arise, and when they do, focus on finding solutions as a strong leader.
The more problems you overcome, the more confidence you’ll build and the easier it will be to find solutions.

Use your strengths

There’s nothing wrong with looking at what you’re not so great at doing and trying to fix that.
But if it’s taking up more time than you thought it would, then it’s time to rethink this strategy!
Sometimes we spend more time making up for our so-called weaknesses than we do focussing on our strengths.
While we here at Reddington are big fans of self-improvement, you might find that your confidence will increase when you play up your strengths.
So for example, if you know you’re not good at accounts or marketing, you can get external help.
Stick to your strengths!

Take action

As the old saying goes ‘You only get one chance to make a good first impression‘.
Similarly, you may not get a second chance if you spot a potential opportunity.
Yes, we know that fear can be paralyzing. Ignore the voice in your head telling you that you can’t do something, and take action anyway. The more you let fear hold you back, the stronger the negative voice will become. It works the other way round as well.
The more you take action, the quieter the negative voice will become.

Focus on being positive

How much fun is it to be around negative people?
Having a bad attitude or being constantly negative is a vicious cycle, and a drain on your confidence.
Focus on what you have achieved instead of what you haven’t. Focus on your accomplishments and successes rather than on failures.
Okay, so you didn’t win any new business this month but remember that you did over the previous twelve months. And survived a pandemic!
Focus on what has worked instead of what didn’t.

Be ready to take chances

Success is part preparation and part opportunity.
If you’re ready and prepared, you’re more likely to have the confidence to capitalize on the opportunity.

Remember this…

There is no magic pill, formula or one-size-fits-all solution that will suddenly make you a more confident person.
But when you focus on making consistent and small steps, you can transform yourself from a closed mindset (I’m a failure, I can’t do it and I should quit) to a business growth mindset (I’m still learning, I can improve, I can always ask for help). We mentioned finding inner resilience previously…
Building confidence, like building momentum, will take time.

Just keep on taking action.
Set yourself small and achievable goals.
Small steps lead to larger ones and you’ll feel more and more confident with each step.