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Phil Hendry

  • Managing Director

Phil is director of Reddington, and a Chartered Financial Planner.


He works closely with clients to take the stress and ambiguity out of planning for the life they want to live. His passion is all about helping people feel in control of their future. He works closely with business owners to help them grow to their full potential. Once he understands what really matters to them, they can gain clarity on what they really need and how to get there.


Outside of his time with Reddington, Phil loves spending as much time as possible with his gorgeous family…as well as their ‘energetic’ spaniel, Muck!
Phil did used to have hobbies. However, watching Frozen, Moana or Toy Story on repeat with his children is just as rewarding!  The Hendry family love to explore all that Scotland has to offer, and regularly venture to the endless treasures the Highlands and Scottish Islands boast.  Phil firmly believes balancing the different parts of your life is key, and stresses this to clients. Not only does he try to walk the walk but also before talking the talk!