The Financial Journey


If it’s all about the journey…

financial journey

Brecon Beacons. Where it all happened

…then what’s your ‘financial journey’?

As I looked out over the valley below me, having been to the highest peak and the lowest valley in the Brecon Beacons it suddenly struck me…
No, it wasn’t my financial journey.

It was a rock

I slipped on a rock, fell onto my back and severely winded myself. Thankfully, I was with a group of friends although one of them later admitted they were worried that they would have to call out the Air Ambulance.

How had I ended up here?

This was not my first time hiking or trekking outdoors (thanks to the Scouts).
As part of my school’s attempts to instil leadership and team building skills in us senior pupils, a week’s retreat at an outward bound course was offered. I think for most of us who went, we realised it meant a week away from school and lessons(!)

A week is a long time…

Hiking. Trekking. Mountain biking. Potholing. Abseiling.
Each day was spent doing some outdoor activity – inevitably, it rained most of the week so we were constantly damp and somewhat miserable.

The last day was a timed trek – we were divided into small groups and dumped at different waypoints around the Brecon region, the goal being to be the first team back in the fastest time.

Here. There. Everywhere.

Going up and down what felt like never-ending mountains, which could be comparable to the rise and fall of financial markets. But for me, the goal was the journey as well as spending time my friends. The miserable conditions brought us closer together.

Unlike in the Scouts, the big difference was this time was it was my choice to go there. I got to decide which route to take and how get us all back in one piece. Not my parents or one of the teachers but me. And this needs to be the same when setting your financial goals.

Two questions to ask yourself when setting out goals are:

  1. What does the destination looks like when your goal is achieved?
  2. Why is that your goal?

We know it’s important to save money and invest it when and where we can but ultimately – what are we doing it all for? It’s great to have the financial freedom to do what we want, when we want provided we know what that is. Otherwise, a life spent in endless pursuit of money is a life wasted. After all, “what does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul” as the quotation goes.

Help is at hand

To outsiders, it may not seem initially obvious. And perhaps it’s vague but the clue’s in our name to what we do – we advise people on finances and help them manage their own personal wealth – we’re here to help give you advice in a format that’s easy to digest. Everyone has a different reaction to the term “financial planning”, so whether or not you break out in hives or a cold sweat, we’ll do a deep dive and ask as many questions as needed.

Where possible, we try to avoid talking in jargon-ese.

financial journey

Helping you find the right path to funding your future…


We’ll be talking about risk in further articles but just so you know, we’re here to help assess what your attitude is to risk and how much you’d be willing to take. Someone starting out on their career may be willing to take more risks than someone due to retire.

Pieces of a jigsaw

Putting everything into action along with our recommendations might seem overwhelming so we’re able to do so for you, provided we have your input for only when necessary.

Off you go

So as you set off on a financial voyage with Reddington as your guide, know that we can figure out the journey together as we go. Forget about the obstacles such as paths, mountains or rocks(!). First set your goals and be guided by that and that alone. We will help make sure you take the best route to get there.

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