Which is better – a hockey stick, cricket bat or tennis racket?


Hockey stick.
Cricket bat.
Tennis racket…

A question that would almost certainly…
…lead to another question!

Here are three to consider…

What do you want to achieve?
How long have you got to achieve it?
How much are you willing to spend on it?

Let’s keep the example as simple as possible.
If we will assume it is for taking part in each of the sports mentioned, then it seems fairly obvious what the answer would be.

The more pedantic amongst you would argue that yes, you would be able to knock a hockey ball down the wing with a cricket bat.
And with some adjusting (plus excellent hand eye coordination) you could probably get a couple of tennis balls over the net with the hockey stick. But the right tool for the right job is going to be far more useful.

It all comes down to what you are trying to achieve, how much you know about the sport (in this case). And how much time, money and desire you have to figure out the answer.

girls hockey stick

Say goodbye to your shins – ow!

When I was running my own business…

There were so many things I needed to concentrate on to keep the day to day running of the business on track.
I didn’t want to think about the minutiae of problems.
I wanted answers from people in the know and I was willing to rely on their expertise.
I knew I needed a cricket bat to dispatch drives through the covers.
But where to get one and which would be best for me? I didn’t know and didn’t have the time to find out.

Once you’ve answered the first three questions, you will get pretty close to getting down to what will be best for you in your situation.
Sometimes it can help to have a discussion around these things to avoid our own biases and consider all the options.
For example, when we know which piece of sports equipment would be best for us, it is usually a good idea to ask an expert what make/model/type would be most suitable.

At this point we return to our three questions…

Until we know exactly what is right for us in any given situation.
And that is what we do when choosing the best financial solutions for our clients.
The solution is unimportant until we know exactly what it is we are trying to achieve.
And how long we have to achieve it.
That is why we think these three questions are so important and why we approach our planning in that order.
Which sport first. What equipment last!


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