Business owners

How is running your business making you feel right now?

No matter what stage you are at – understanding how you feel about your business can provide some great clues as to how to approach the next steps in growing it.

Grow Your Business

Do you recognise this journey in your business?

Our job is to help you, the business owner, understand how you can achieve your end goal and support through the business journey.

We begin by getting to know you and asking the right questions, but our service is not simply a consultation. We then provide a road map for your plans and identify the services required at each stage to support you.

Helping business owners plan for growth

Ultimately, sustainable growth does not come without a plan

A business can do well in the short term, but without a strategic plan for growth, there can be little confidence that the success will continue. However, even if you have a plan, is it fit for the future you have in mind? Is it designed to deliver growth at the right pace, and can it withstand whatever the future may hold?

We will work alongside you, so you can be confident that your business is on the right track. We get under the skin of your business, getting to know the way it works and taking time to understand what you want to achieve. We help identify the gaps in your current setup – whether financial or operational – and coach you through designing and implementing a strategic plan for sustainable growth.

Your journey to sustainable growth

We understand what businesses need to do in order to design and implement a plan for future growth. Whether you are a recent start-up or you have been working hard on your business for some time, we are experienced across the whole business journey and can give you the confidence to change what you do, the courage to invest where necessary, and the insight to choose the right course of action.

We look at every aspect of your business – including its culture, revenue, asset and management systems – and are specialists in investigating the crucial role that behaviour plays within your organisation. For instance, we help identify and overcome the many biases and behaviours that people bring to their roles, coaching you in ways to overcome common errors.

Understanding and overcoming scale-up issues

We will coach you through the ‘growth and stall’ cycle, helping you to make the investment and structural change required for the potential to jump forward to faster, stronger growth. Making the right decisions at the right time demands courage and vision, but with us working with you, it is a process you will be fully prepared for – and one that will lead you towards a more prosperous future.

Once you are up and running, we stay with you every step of the way.

In respect of the consultancy element I work with Shirlaws IP, an established training consultancy specialising in business growth. Please note this is a separate and distinct service to those offered by St. James’s Place.

5 ways we help

Mapping your future growth.

1. We provide business coaching and consultancy to you and your senior team

2. We help you design and implement strategic plans for growth

3. We offer bespoke strategic business support to you and your business

4. We help identify and develop assets within your business to increase it’s valuation

5. We help strengthen your organisation through culture integration

Plan for your future

What Else Will We Do For You

Aligning your personal
and business goals
Protecting your
Managing cashflow and
reducing tax

Aligning personal & business goals

We focus on creating a financial plan for you and your family which sits alongside your business goals. We understand your personal and business planning ultimately becomes intertwined.

Although we want to assist our clients and their businesses to reach their full potential, we also know that life doesn’t always pan out as you wish, so we will work with you to help create financial independence from your business to prepare for the unforeseen ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Protecting your business

Risk and uncertainty are part of business, but planning for the unexpected can help to give you peace of mind.

We help you consider the options available to protect your business – and put in place the necessary measures to keep you focussed on growth.

Managing cashflow and
reducing tax

Cash is king, as they say, so ensuring you know your numbers and avoid unexpected cashflow issues will allow you to focus on growing your business.

Part of this is managing tax and how to plan for it. We, therefore, work hard to protect you from unwelcome tax bills and, where possible, navigate the various options to optimise your tax position – all to help you achieve your goals.

The levels and bases of taxation, and reliefs from taxation, can change at any time. The value of any tax relief depends on individual circumstances.

Let us help you

Create a stronger future for your business

Our aim is to help you unearth the full value of your business, reducing the stress associated with keeping it in good shape, and enabling you to access greater rewards in terms of both time and money.

The daily challenge of running your business is what you live for, but responding to an ever-changing landscape can mean substantial growth is difficult to achieve.

Our team works with you to identify your gaps, map out your future, and design and implement an effective strategic plan for growth.

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