You Need to Know Where You Want To Go


As I looked out over the valley below me, having been to the highest peak and the lowest valley in the Lake District it struck me…

My goal was not just going up and down mountains, which could be comparable to the rise and fall of the markets, but the goal was the journey, staying out wild camping for a few nights and doing a great loop round the Lakes over the weekend.


It was not my first time walking in the lakes but the big difference this time was; it was my choice to go there, my goal, to choose how long I wanted to be there and figure out the route along the way and go as fast or slow as I liked. Not my parents or friends or a PE teacher, but me. And this needs to be the same when setting your financial goals. The top two things you should establish to ensure you have well thought out goals are:


1. What your end state looks like when your goal is achieved?

2. Most important; why that is your goal?


If you are then working with us, we can figure out the journey together as we go. Forget about the paths and the mountains. First set your goal and be guided by that and that alone. We will help make sure you take the best route to get there.