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Build. Bye. Beyond.
The design brief was simple. The execution took a bit longer. We sat down with the intention of writing a technical whitepaper, but after looking at other examples already out there, we decided to make ours a bit different… So you’ll find that this one, aimed at anyone thinking of selling their business, is a […]
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How much cash?
If a certain pandemic has taught us anything from a finance perspective… It’s the importance of having enough cash (or immediate liquid assets) to hand. An abrupt or unexpected halt in revenue or income means that holding adequate levels of cash is essential. Equally, this isn’t just good practice for challenging economic times. You should […]
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57 isn’t my golf handicap
How I plan to retire early (by Fraser, aged 26) I recently read a magazine article which stated that 1 in 3 of us under 35 is dead set on retiring before they hit 61. And another report said that if you want a happy retirement, then you’d need to have at least £500k as […]
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